expository preaching outlines

Expository Sermon Outlines: Preaching in the Old Testament

PREACHING IN THE OLD TESTAMENT When one surveys the Scriptures for insight into the “ministry of the Word,” and is focused on preaching in the Old Testament the analysis can be etymological, biographical or even chronological. Preaching in the Old...
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Expository Preaching: The Passions of Expository Preachers

This article will be related to the Passions of Expository Preachers. Within the heart of every minister are motivational passions (the things that drive us). Books have been produced by the scads on the essential qualities of effective ministers. This...
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Welcome to Expository Preaching

Expository Preaching Welcomes You!   Are you looking for a GOOD website for Expository Preaching? Not just one that features some famous preacher or his opinions? Well, welcome to a site where you can actually learn the approach or enhance the skills...
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