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expository preaching trainingI’m Tony Guthrie, developer of Expository Preaching Training (this website). If you desire to become an effective communicator and preacher of God’s Word but don’t know where to start, this page is for you. You may be an experienced preacher but need some fresh insights, then you will get much from this site as well.

I focus on teaching pastors, preachers, seminary students, and missionaries to take advantage of, and benefit from, a homiletical system that is called The Homiletical Bridge. This system takes so much of the grind and hard work out of sermon preparation and makes it fun and easy. Also, you will not have to worry about relevant application to the contemporary church audience.

My belief in helping you learn is simple: Share the truth, be honest, work hard, and lead by example. That’s what I’m all about, and that’s what Expository Preaching Training is all about

Learning Expository Preaching: What to Expect

Below is a video that I deem required viewing for anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly on learning expository preaching. Simply click on the video and begin watching. This is a recording of an actual coaching session I did with one of my coaching clients. Pay attention and take good notes. The video is ONLY 50 minutes and will reveal the power of the Homiletical Bridge.

EPT mentees tell me all the time how much the video below and the others on this site has helped them understand the processes of expository preaching. I KNOW they’ll help you too. And if you love the videos be sure to Follow my Podcast on Podbean to get new episodes as they come out.  Click Here.

The Homiletical Bridge Approach

In the video above I illustrated exactly what the Homiletical Bridge is and how it works. This is the foundation of my approach to teaching you to be the best communicator of God’s Word that you can be for the glory of God.  as well as everything I teach here on EPT.

What I Am Not Saying

As you read through this site you will notice that I will make some firm statements about expository preaching and teaching. You will come away from this site believing that I am absolutely committed to that discipline. But I want you to know that there are some things that I am not saying. I believe it is vitally important that you understand these few thoughts.

I am not saying …

  1. That topical sermons are never to be prepared. While this site focuses solely on the expositional approach, I do believe there are times when a topical approach is meaningful and even necessary. My point in this book will be that topical messages should be the exception, not the rule.

I am not saying …

  1. That Bible-Bouncing (the tendency to move outside of a selected passage of Scripture to support a topical sermon and create sermon points from various passages within the Bible) is an unpardonable sin for the Bible teacher or preacher. My point will be that we tend to do it because we have been conditioned to do so rather than understanding the value of a more expositional approach. My question for the reader will be, “Is a topical approach absolutely necessary to convey the idea?” In most cases the answer will be, “probably not.”

I am not saying …

  1. That God cannot use the topical approach to accomplish His purposes. We are talking about the God Who can cause the “rocks to cry out” if necessary. God needs no particular method of communication simply because He is God. I personally have been blessed by the occasional topical message. My point in this book will be, however, that Christians will be (and have been) edified and changed by the exposition of the Word.

I am not saying …

  1. That you have to agree with me. I hope you do. I trust you will. I believe the future of God’s church depends on His congregations coming to the deepest understanding and appreciation of His Word. Topical preaching speaks to the needs people face. Expository preaching, I believe, is GOD speaking through His chosen and called communicators to express His heart, will, and purposes. However, as important as I believe this is, and as much effort as I will exhaust to convince you; please know that I understand a few things. I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday. There is no law that says you must agree with me. I do rejoice, however, that the overwhelming majority of students who take my courses come to the place of agreement. I hope and pray you are, or will be, one of those.

I am not saying …

  1. That the approach described on this site is the only appropriate approach. There are many good methods for the development or preparation of expository sermons. The approach taken in this book is one that is easy to learn and will prove foundational as other methods of preaching (whether expository or not) are considered. I encourage my readers to master the Homiletical Bridge approach (which is basically a deductive rhetorical model) and then he will find that other methods and approaches will make more sense and will be easier to understand and even master. Serious students of preaching should build a preaching library. Homiletical books related to exposition, exegesis, narrative preaching, and other like resources will prove helpful as a preacher delves deeper into the subject of biblical communication.

I trust that this site will help you in your efforts for the glory of God! It is all about Him.  Please remember these two seemingly obvious truths for the preacher/teacher:

Just because something seems biblical or spiritual, doesn’t mean it is.


 Just because something “will preach,” doesn’t mean it should!


A Free Course in Expository Preaching

The training on this site is very good. You WILL learn a lot if you watch the videos and read the blog posts. However, sometimes you need a bit more.

When I attended theological seminary the cost for a 16 week semester was about $750 plus books. I have provided my ENTIRE seminary course, complete with video and audio lectures that I use in my seminary course on Expository Preaching, for FREE (for a limited time). Simply provide your information in the form on this page and it’s yours.

I Appreciate You!

I’m here for you as both a guide, a brother in Christ, and as a friend. I want to hear your stories. I want to know how else I can help you. I want the Expository Preaching Training experience to be our experience, together. I do my best to respond to emails. I treat everyone equally and I firmly believe that I’m not very special. I am just a regular preacher who enjoys working hard and smart and enjoying the benefits. In everything I do here with Expository Preaching Training, I truly want to help you to become the best you can be … for HIM!!!

Tony Guthrie, PhD.


  1. I am starting a preaching team for our church. It will consist of some of our elders and some of our young lay leaders and myself. I would like to use your course as part of our training. Are you still offering it for free?

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